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Dyed pink rainbow moonstone gemstone hoop earrings in sterling silver.
Clicking the link opens my jewelry shop in a new window. Thanks for reposting, supporting, and buying my handmade fine jewelry. I love you all!
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Labradorite gemstone wire wrapped sterling silver chain with an intricately detailed feather extra long necklace. Made by me, of course!
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Labradorite gemstone and sterling silver chevron necklace by me.
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I wanted to share my new hair color since it changes so much. I decided to go black for winter, with some tones of navy blue and indigo highlights in the sun. This photo is from my birthday (that’s why I have a tiara on!) and I’m officially twenty NINE! 
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Another boa constrictor rib bone necklace in shiny sterling silver.
This one and other variations (oxidized or gold) available in my online jewelry shop:
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My new purple moccasins I got for my birthday!
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Commissioned art by me tattooed on a friend.
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Commissioned art by me, finished as a tattoo. Nice placement.
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Custom commissioned tattoo design for a man who lost his wife to breast cancer 4 months ago. Initials in the root area of the tree, which represents life. 2 orchids because he gave her orchids every time she got flowers from him. His nickname for her was sunshine so the entire thing is shaped into an Aztec sun. I was honored to have been given this project. To commission a piece of art contact me through TUMBLR or Facebook: