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Commissioned art by me tattooed on a friend.
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Commissioned art by me, finished as a tattoo. Nice placement.
Rest in Peace Baby Grace

I usually do not post things like this, but this is so tragic and close to me I have to share. I hope to receive prayers, support and donations to help my friend. 
Please, if you have a minute, take the time to read this page. My friend lost her baby, Grace, two days ago, to complications from emergency surgery related to Cystic Fibrosis. She could use any extra help during this time to help cover the financial costs of a funeral. She has two other children and any help is very appreciated. Prayers, too! Thanks.

Help Support Amanda in her Loss of Her Beautiful Baby, Grace

Click above to see the story and photos of her beautiful 9 month old who passed much too soon. Link opens in a new window. Even a dollar would help. Thank you. 

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Custom commissioned tattoo design for a man who lost his wife to breast cancer 4 months ago. Initials in the root area of the tree, which represents life. 2 orchids because he gave her orchids every time she got flowers from him. His nickname for her was sunshine so the entire thing is shaped into an Aztec sun. I was honored to have been given this project. To commission a piece of art contact me through TUMBLR or Facebook:
It has been a while.

I apologize, I have not posted in so very long. I am still drawing and painting and creating, loving life. Recently I found out I am expecting my third child, so that is exciting. The baby is due in December, and I have not yet found out if it is a male or female. I am wishing for a baby girl since I have two sons and I would love to spoil a daughter with pink frilly unicorn things. Thank you for continuing following my page. My Etsy shop is still up and running though I have been quite ill from morning sickness and have neglected it quite a bit recently. I am taking commissions for drawings and art, though. I will be working on my shop for the next few months, so it may periodically be under construction, check back often or contact me through here, Facebook, or email for a quote on a commissioned wok of art or tattoo design.

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I Love my Children
  • Izaak (my son who is 4): Mama, what day is my birthday on?
  • Me: November 17th, honey.
  • Izaak (looking very irritated): Ugh! AGAIN?!
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my process. <3Now taking commissions again. Please contact me through Etsy for requests.
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Absolute funniest bit I have ever seen Louis CK do. Watch the whole thing, so effing funny.

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ammonite and 14 karat gold necklace. sliding pendant.
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Badass new pink crystal quartz and labradorite gemstone beads on sterling silver.
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I am using 14 & 24 karat gold in my designs now.