I Love my Children
  • Izaak (my son who is 4): Mama, what day is my birthday on?
  • Me: November 17th, honey.
  • Izaak (looking very irritated): Ugh! AGAIN?!
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my process. <3Now taking commissions again. Please contact me through Etsy for requests.
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Absolute funniest bit I have ever seen Louis CK do. Watch the whole thing, so effing funny.

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ammonite and 14 karat gold necklace. sliding pendant.
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Badass new pink crystal quartz and labradorite gemstone beads on sterling silver.
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I am using 14 & 24 karat gold in my designs now. 
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Me showing one of my necklaces on; this is a slightly different one, a feather globe necklace (my most popular and loved design) in sterling silver but this one is choker length. For sale now:http://www.tarren.etsy.com
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Sterling silver chandelier earrings handmade by me. Available in my Etsy shop:http://www.tarren.etsy.com
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New large feather globe with a peacock eye feather in sterling silver. For sale now in my online shop. 
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Adjustable rainbow moonstone ring in sterling silver available now in my Etsy shop.